Still gets me going

Not many makeovers really have that wow-factor, but this one definitely has for me! It stands for everyting I liked in eighties hairstyles. It's chique, sexy and skilfully done. Must have come from an instruction video that i would love to see one day. The thing I like most is that the stylist seems to put off the shortening of her nape...    


Who's my model today? Wow, she looks great! But her hair is a mess...

I'll start setting out a guideline - cutting it straight into her hair!

Who needs sections??

Longish bob? Hmmm... shortish bob!!

Looks better already!!

I'll save clippering her nape until later, I think. Just feel like adding to the tension

A sexy bob is taking shape

Hight time to tackle that fluffy hair in the back!

Feels great!!

Working scissors over comb...

... adding an extra edge with the clippers

Finishing the top

Adding some movement

Sexy as hell, as far as I'm concerned

She loves it

More volume? No problem!

A bit of mousse and a blowdrier is all it takes

Finishing touches - feels goood

A neckline to die for

Makes you want to feel her hair

Vintage eighties look!!!!!

I'm just a good girl, lost in a big world ;-)

Men just cannot resist me (can they?)