Stylist takes the chair...


Hairdressers are just like doctors: they tend to be control freaks when it comes to taking the chair themselves... Our Spanish friend Jaja is pretty brave though. She knows exactly what will happen if she asks her boss for a haircut ;-)

The entire team a while ago! Jaja is on the left, with pretty long hair

A bit later, a bit shorter... ;-)


Before the haircut... Fully relaxed after a professional shampoo from her colleague!

Or... not quite? She looks cute as ever, but just a tiny bit worried 

More than just a bit worried now, because Sonia loves to really use her clippers. 'Don't worry, I will use a guard', she probably said ;-)

No chance for second thoughts...

Not too short! Of course not, Sonia assures ;-)

She takes pride in her work. Only perfection is good enough for this stylist

'Just a tiny bit shorter'. She will have the best neck line I've seen in a long while!

Are those tears?

Stunning nape alert!!!

Fully in control

Now all she needs is a perfect bob to match that perfect nape...

Not just a trim ;-)

Hold your breath...

Great feeling, I bet

Freehand cutting. She's a real pro.

Don't stop till you get enough

Short fringe coming right up!

What did I tell you all? Only perfection will do

Love those little clippings

Simply awesome!!!

Cheeky look. I'm pretty sure both stylists enjoyed it equally. 

Where's that salon again? 

Right here! peluqueria y estetica daniela tizado

A big thank you to the entire team for all the wonderful makeover pictures!