Here comes the bowl cut again

I'm not sure how quick the waves of hair fashion are spreading around the world, but the incredible bowl cut is definitely making a real comeback. It comes in many different shapes and forms, but we love 'em all. A few examples. 

Purists will probably not agree with me that this is in fact a bowl cut...

Slightly asymmetric...

Who doesn't like a blonde buzznape?

No such thing as an age restriction on bowl cut...

I rest my case

Who needs eyebrows?

Probably my favorite, but it might be the lace collar ;-)

Big in Japan?

She looks sweet

Not a bowl cut? Frankly, my dear...

You asked for a real bowl?

Real-world bowl cut. Loving the shaved nape

Same girl, this time with a curly bowl

Same girl again. She inspired me to make this post, so thank you!

Did I forget to use the frase 'bowled over'? Well, that's
what Alicia Keys did with us when she showed her newest hairstyle