Playing with hair


Our friend Mirit lives in Israel and does hair for a living, but she also sells a lot of quality wigs. In some of these pics she's showing off her own hair, in some other cases she's modeling wigs. See if you can spot which is which. We think she looks gorgeous regardless!   


She keeps her husband on his toes, that's for sure

I don't think he ever knows what her hair will look like when
she comes home. But I'm pretty sure her likes this hot sideshave ;-)


She confessed to us that she really likes short styles

But everything seems to suit her, like this classic bob

... or Pantene hair like this

Wigs for both/No wigs at all? Don't think we'll ever know ;-)


We love this blunt bob on Mirit!

Made my heart stop for a second... Really sexy!


Great smile before the makeover

A bit scared there?

Total bliss afterwards

If only she would smile a bit more often ;-)


Simply irresistible, if you ask me