Salon buzz


Don't you love it when the salon is buzzing with activity and  hair is flying all around? That's what this collection of pics is all about. And sometimes you don't even need a salon - or a hairdresser, for that matter!

... Or even a chair!

Trust me, I know what I'm doing

She doesn't go quietly...

The afterglow of a freshly bobbed girl

You won't feel a thing

Nothing beats a short bob

Steady as she goes

A sacred moment

Did I miss anything?

It's hard to deny she's loving this ;-)

Two inches off the back?

We love those Berlin night clubs

Who needs all that hair if you've got all that beauty?

Show me your nape and I'll tell you who you are

P stands for precision cutting

Never fall asleep in the chair!

Sidecut on a hot summer's day


Hair! Needs! To! Go!

Blunt cutting explained

Total faith