This guy wil transform your hair

He's really a Canadian, but seems to have settled down in Wellington, New Zealand for good. I'm sure many Kiwi girls are grateful for that, because he has a real talent for glorious transformations: the very talented Matthew Kane! 


Before: no hairstyle to speak of

During: not your average haircut

After: an edgy asymmetric style
that really makes her stand out in a crowd

To be trusted is everything for a stylist

That's quite a change!

Time for some hair-tlc

Fantastic result!




Looking so much better...

Can you imagine this beauty with an
edgy haircut? Matthew can!

Cut to perfection


I'll keep cutting until you say the word...

Looking great with that soft bob

He took her even shorter, and it really suits her!


How about that for a perfect pixie?

Do whatever you like with my hair, Matthew!



Longish bob

This chin length bob looks amazing on her!

She is every hairdresser's dream, isn't she?

Shorter bob? Just as nice!


Final station: a versatile pixie.
This girl can pull it all off (even if we liked the bob better ;-))