Share your hair: Stephanie

A few years ago, Stephanie still had a classical long hairstyle, but even then she liked to change it up. 

Since then, she's been training as a hairdresser and her love for different hairstyles has really blossomed. Her current hairstyle was cut by her mentor, the very talented Michael D. Hill. 

Thank you for sharing, Stephanie!

Back in 2010. A stunner ;-)

Dramatic change in 2011... I love fearless girls!

... but I still feel bobs look best on Stephanie! (as you would expect from me)

A bit of color, perhaps?

... a bit, you said?

If she makes her clients look half as nice as
she does, she's going to be a star!

She rocks the asymmetrical look.
My favorite picture of Stephanie
... getting edgier all the time!

Her current style is just fabulous.
Can't wait to see what comes next!