Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Share you hair: Valeria!

Valeria is only 19 years old, but she definitely knows a thing or two about style. She doesn't follow the herd, she leads it! Thank you for sharing, Valeria ;-)

Link to her instagram

How about this incredible bowl cut?
If you can pull this look off..

Recently, Valeria has been growing out the bowl cut into this breathtaking bob. Told you she had style, right?

No words ;-)

I'd be taking lots of pics as well ;-)

Fantastic pixie for cute singer

Just two years ago, our lovely friend Dorotea from Croatia was a typical young girl, with a luxurious mane of dark hair. Since that time, a lot of things have changed... 

Here's a link to her Instagram page. Be nice!!


Big day for Emma

Today is the day when Emma takes the plunge. She's at the salon to say goodbye to her long brunette hair... And what a change for the better. Her smile says it all ;-)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Smiling hair model goes short

Not every hair model is thrilled to see her long locks cut very short, but this young lady seems to love the experience!! We particularly like the stylist's technique, where he first cut the shape in the back and leaves the long locks dangling there... 

The making of a happy girl

The Brazilian tv show Viva Beleza has a drastic makeover in store: the lady in the chair looks pretty unhappy before the haircut, with a hair color that simply doesn't suit her. That's when you can really make a difference with a good haircut and new color. 


Monday, 20 October 2014

21st century shampoo

Never a dull moment at Hairfucker Studio in St Petersburg! This time, the art of shampooing a beautiful client is examined... 

Hairfucker headwash with massage. Помыли самок. from Kirill HaiRfuCkeR on Vimeo.

Seven haircuts in one day

It's an old stylist's dream, to start with a long haired client and to be able to do as you please. Sonia Balado Figueroa got just that, and she gave her client so many consecutive haircuts that she'll have inspiration to last her a lifetime ;-)


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Long haired blonde goes radically short

If you're going short, please make sure to choose a REALLY good stylist, someone who will really look at you and your hair BEFORE deciding on a new hairstyle. It's sort of okay to go to a cheaper salon to get the ends trimmed, but I would prefer to go to less often to a stylist I can really trust!! 

Morgan has gone to Sally Hersberger's Salon for a new look, and she certainly didn't regret it!!